Opera in the Howard Theatre

For three nights, from 26 to 28 October, the Howard Theatre hosted its first opera since the theatre opened in 2010. The opera was Handel’s Semele, performed by the Cambridge University Opera Society together with the Downing College Music Society.

This opera is rarely performed. In his review, William Hale says “Director Max Mason wisely did not adopt a togas-and-tunics look, instead staging the piece in modern dress.¬†¬†Semele may deal in part with gods and goddesses but they are motivated by very human urges, and these come through wherever the characters find themselves and whatever they are wearing.

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The title role was sung by Ailsa McTernan with James Gant, Hannah Dienes-Williams and Alasdair Austin as the other soloists. The music was directed by Adrian Tsui.

Opera Programme