Howard Buildings at Downing College

The Foundation has provided 3 buildings at Downing College, starting with the Howard Building in 1986 followed by Howard Lodge in 1994 and the Howard Theatre in 2009. Further refurbishment was made in the Howard Building in 2014.

The photographs below, unless noted, are all  ©Tim Rawle and Louis Sinclair. See for further examples of Tim’s work.

The North Façade of the Howard Building
The South Façade of the Howard Building
The interior of first-floor auditorium of the Howard Building following refurbishment and insertion of the ceiling

The reception room on the ground floor of the Howard Building
The portrait of Dr Howard on the wall of the reception room in the Howard Building.  © Tom Povey
Detail of the portrait of Dr Howard.  © Tom Povey
Howard Court looking south-west, with the Howard Theatre on the left and Howard Lodge
Interior of the Howard Theatre

Howard Theatre safety curtain as the Downing Acropolis painted by Francis Terry

Auditorium at the upper level showing balcony seating.

The Grace Howard reception room in the Howard Theatre.
The Howard Gate leading to the Downing Site.  © Julie Lambert

See Downing Arts for further information on activities at the theatre and also Downing College Cambridge for more information about the college.