Over a decade of HF Supported Research

For over a decade, the Howard Foundation has supported research into the health benefits of the three macular carotenoids: Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin. This has led to a number of research trials and scientific papers published in many journals.

The most significant of these papers have now been gathered together on the Publications page of this website. This shows the story of the development of the research, first into eye health and latterly into eye and brain health. It highlights the major trials, sponsored either fully by the Foundation or in conjunction with others: MOST, CREST (the gold-standard trial funded by the European Research Council), CARDS and CARES.

The latest study, the Re-MIND trial, is due to report later in 2021.

Click here to see the Publications page and click here for the personal recollections from the late Dr Alan Howard on how this research developed.